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Our cabins have come direct and as new from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village where they were used to house athletes and media personnel.

As a related theme we have named them after the past 8 Olympic host cities.

Opening Ceremony 
Audience Kit - Millenium Athelete Sticker by UTS Library


This cabin has two bedrooms with a central ensuite (suitable for people with disabilities or physical impairments) and can sleep 4 in each room.

sydney Cabin



More Cabins

Each of these cabins has two bedrooms which can sleep up to 5 people in each room. It contains ensuite facilities with separate toilet. Cabins   Rooms 3 & 4
       (Atlanta) Rooms 7 & 8
       (Seoul) Rooms 9 & 10
    (Los Angeles) Rooms 7 & 8
      (Moscow) Rooms 15 & 16
        (Munich) Cabins

 Barcelona & Montreal Cabins

These cabins each have two bedrooms with their own access and ensuite with separate toilet and shower. Sleeps 4 in each room. For school groups, these are the teachers cabins. They have blue doors.   Rooms 5 & 6
       (Barcelona) Rooms 13 & 14
       (Montreal) Cabins

Rooms 17 & 19

Not a cabin, but extra rooms which are part of the main facility building. Both have ensuites and can sleep 6.   Available Only
By Arrangement















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